RELATe Conference 2011

The 2011 RELATe conference is the 4th Annual Educational Leadership and Technology Conference offered by Michigan State University Master of Arts in Educational Technology YR-2 students.  The first two conferences, (P.L.A.T.E., Plymouth Leadership and Technology for Education), were held in Plymouth, England.  

The 2011 RELATe conference is designed to raise awareness of important issues in Educational Technology and Leadership, as well as to promote innovative approaches to integrating technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge (TPACK). 
The MSU MAET YR-2 class looks forward to exploring these ideas, issues, and technologies with you.

We will be presenting a variety of topics which we are confident you will find intriguing, as well as useful for your classroom environment. Please be sure to examine the sessions carefully.  We hope you enjoy your afternoon at the conference and find the sessions as rewarding for you as they are for us.

You may view the program session online or you may download the PDF version of the conference sessions.